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Skubana users? Get control over your data with our new app, StoreReport. StoreReport allows you to easily view and export all data fed from your store(s). Drill down into your data and start to make sense of Skubana Analytics reports.

StoreReport  application is for spreadsheet lovers. It requires some work to be done to get the data. This application will not do everything on its own. It has some limitations because of API, it has some limitations because of hardware. It is versatile application that can help fix bad data and get custom reports.

StoreReport Include

Advanced Datagrid
StoreReport uses Advanced Data Grid to display data...

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WYSIWYG Data Export
Export data from your current view...

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Error View
Search, identify and edit for errors in Order View...

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Custom Math Fields
Create your own StoreReport formulas...

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Load Save Aggregate
Save and Load your data-grid layouts...

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Not changing any data on your Skubana store...

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StoreReport at Skubana Store

StoreReport is built through consultation with Skubana users. It is built out of necessity to solve some of the issues they have found. You may have looked at Skubana COGS report, but you still don`t know what is actually behind the sold QTY per channel. It could be only one product sold in that QTY, it could be one product per QTY, it can be anything. With StoreReport you will know every detail for every order that is making the COGS report.

The software is not perfect but it is a versatile tool that will help you get a better understanding of Skubana numbers. It can help you change the data that cannot be changed in Skubana, and with that you will achieve cleaner data.

StoreReport is under continuous development. It is changing and growing. With your support it will only get better.

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