Loading Orders

Load Orders

Loading Orders component for working with Skubana Orders API.

Order Number - Input order number, or more order numbers separated with ","

StoreReport Load Orders User Interface
Order Date - Search From - To date.

Created Date - Search Skubana Order creation date From - To

Modified Date - Search the modification of Order date From - To

Shipped Date - Search the Order shipped date From - To

Payment Date - Search the Order payment date From - To

Paging options:

[ Limit - 100 ] - Maximum limit per request [page request].

NOTE: Leave 100 to load all result from selected date range From-To

[ Page - 1 ] Requested page of data range. If you know hat you have 300 Orders in selected range but you want to list from 100, change page to 2.

Additional option:

*Load products current cost Check Box default is ON. It means after loading the orders it will automatically get the cost for each product from order on the date when the order is created in Skubana.

NOTE: Un-check this box if you are loading lots of orders.

*Load Products With DHL Shipping Fees Check box default is OFF. It means it will not apply DHL StoreReport math for shipping fees field. Skubana offers only UPS shipping fees, and that value is populated. If you use any other shipping service that field will be 0. To help get more data StoreReport added DHL math for shipping. If you tick this box ON StoreReport will change shippingFee field when product is shipped with DHL. It is calculating fees by product weight so it will not be accurate for everybody. You can play with it and find if it works for you.

*Load Sales Channel Fees Check box default OFF. Skubana is not exposing any Sales Channel Fees to help getting some data about it StoreReport is doing its own calculations. That field does not exist in Skubana at all and that is why it is OFF. It doesn't hurt to tick them ON and check your Sales Fees on their website to see if they are close.

Best Practice

Date Range selectors for TO date is not inclusive. This means if you want to load orders for whole 1. April day, you would choose From 1st - To 2nd. This is very different than Skubana where you would select From 1st - To 1st.

Use Save Data from menu. If you have large amount of orders per month like 20,000 and more. Bear in mind that each order holds 100 fields, it means software is working with 2 million fields. For that to work we need to follow some steps. Break down loading of month data into two sets. First load from 1-15 and save the StoreReport file from menu. Than refresh the browser, load second set from 15-1 and save the second StoreReport file. Refresh the browser. From Menu load first set of data [1-15], than choose Load Aggregated data from menu and select second set of data [15-1]. Now you will have full month in StoreReport and you have backup files that you can load if you mess the data or something breaks.