Loading Inventory

Loading Inventory

Product ID - Input product ID, or more separated with ","LoadInventory

Product SKU -  Input product SKU, or more separated with ","

Stock Location Name - Search by Stock location name

Warehouse ID - Search by warehouse location ID

Created Date - Search the Product created date From - To

Paging options:

[ Limit - 20] Maximum limit per request [page request].

NOTE: Leave 20 to load all result from selected date range From-To

[ Page - 1 ] - Requested page of data range. If you know that you have 300 Products in selected range but you want to list from 100, change page to 2.

NOTE: Leave 1 to load all results from data ranges From-To

API limitations

Maximum number of Skubana requests to be made in time. Example: 3 / 10000 ms -> Originally 3 requests can be made without waiting, then a wait of 10 seconds will be required to make one other request.

Maximum number of requests per hour is 360.

Best Practice:

Date Range selectors for TO date are not inclusive. This means if you want to load data for whole April 1st day, you would choose from 1st - To 2nd. This is very different than Skubana where you would select From 1st - To 1st.