Data Grid Filter

Data Grid Filter

Data Grid Filter is an advance filter component allows you to filter your data based on [IF,AND] statements and math conditions. You can filter comparing two fields or by fields value. 

Select Field - Select the field you want to filter by

Operator - Select your wanted operator [Contains, < , >, = , != …]

Value - Type in desired value, if second Option is selected, than value is not needed.

Select 2nd Field - Select this option if you want to compare between two fields. If you change it to a field, than you don't need to input any value for the filter because it will compare values from two selected fields.

"+" Button - Click button + on lower right to add one more AND statement. You can only add AND statements.

Filter Button - Click button Filter to filter out the data.



When you apply the filter, in the Button bar, next to the Filter button there will be new Remove filter button. It will clear the filter.