Data Grid

Data Grid

This component is used for displaying data. It is main view of StoreReport. What you make of Data Grid is what you get in export for Excel.

StoreReport uses Advance Data Grid for displaying data. Most custom work was done for the Orders View as we identified that it is where StoreReport is most useful, dealing with Orders issue and Orders Export.

StoreReport parse all Order data into Line Items like Excel. Some of the values get from Skubana are Order values, which means they are the same for all sold items in one Order. This Skubana Order Values cannot be used for line calculations, as they would show incorrect result when summed up. To correct that issue we introduced StroreReport line item values of those fields, those StoreReport values can be summed up and displayed in Tree View to show accurate results.

Header names are made out of Skubana variable names. They are self explanatory names, and because there are hundreds of them we left that unchanged, except for Orders View. For Orders to make it a bit easier we made Header parser of those Skubana names. For example Header name for field "quantityOrdered" would be "QTY" in other views it will be "quantityOrdered".

Header colors are made to help visually distinguish different type of Order Data. There is 3 types of data displayed in Data Grid Orders and showed by Header color.

1) Skubana Line value: It is value from Skubana that is already different for each line of sold products. Example field "tax" it is TAX per products sold, so that field will give accurate result in Summaries Group. 

2) Skubana Order value: It is value from Skubana that is the same for all sold items in one Order. Example field "orderTotal", it is total amount for Order, and that value will be same in all line items from one Order. Those fields cannot be used for Summaries Group.

3) StoreReport value: It is modified value by our software. Those are custom math values or modified values by StoreReport. Example field "checkTotal" which is modified Skubana field "orderTotal" for line item presentation. "checkTotal" can be used in Summaries Group and will give accurate results when summing it up.

Header tool-tips  are made to assist with most common Summaries and custom math. There is information on rollover with field explanation and the math behind it.

StoreReport Data Grid

Data Grid Views Button

There are two views of data in StoreReport. It can display regular Excel line data called Flat View. It also displays grouped data called Tree View. Tree View is more friendly to work with in StoreReport, as Flat Data can be manipulated easily with Excel. Use Tree/Flat View button to change between states.

Data Grid Refresh Button

When you change the order of fields, or you want to reset data view, use refresh button.

Expand / Colapse Button

This will expand or collapse all grouped data in Tree View.