Data Grid Current Cost

Data Grid Current Cost

Get current cost for product. Crucial for COGS report, and crucial to populated with number value. This works in Orders, Products and Inventory view.

Skubana "currentCost"  field is value that is stored in Vendor Product or FIFO from your Purchase Orders. First it checks if there is a PO for the product to get the latest FIFO price, if there is no PO it checks for Vendor Cost in your Skubana store. 

This field is crucial for calculating COGS, and COGS report will not be available until you have all the Current Cost populated. 

Get Current cost will attempt to get all the data from the data when order is created in Skubana store using the "createdDate" value. All the errors will be listed in Error View, where you can easily fix the problem.

You have two options to fix errors in Error View. First is try to get "currentCost" on today date in Error View. This will fix the issue, if you added Vendor Cost or PO after the order created date. Second you will see all the Current Cost that are zero, or NULL. For NULL you must change to at least zero.

Usually it should not be zero, and that is why Current cost equals zero is also listed as error for your revision.