Setup and Support

On this page we will try to explain how to setup an account with StoreReport, how to use Customer Support portal and more. 


There are 4 different categories under which you can setup an account or interact with StoreReport:

Trial (7 days)

  • Full access to StoreReport for 7 continuous days including weekend and for one Skubana Store
  • Limited access to Customer Support portal

New User

  • Users with new account or trial accounts after 7 days period
  • Full access to StoreReport for 30/180/365 continuous days and for one Skubana Store
  • Full access to Customer Support portal

Existing user

  • Users with existing accounts
  • Full access to StoreReport for 30/180/365 continuous days and for one Skubana Store
  • Full access to Customer Support portal

Multi-store VIP users

  • New or existing accounts
  • Full access to StoreReport for 30 continuous days and for up to 10 Skubana Stores depending on the VIP Plan
  • Full access to Customer Support portal

Orders & Plans

All users should submit their orders using Orders & Plans in the menu of this site.


It is a 3 step process which will include: General information about your account, Category of your account and finally Plan.

On the following page please enter your name, email address which you are using with your Skubana Store, name of your store (if you have more than 1 Skubana Store enter VIP) and read our Terms and Conditions including our Privacy Policy. Once read, check that you have read and agree with them and Continue.


In step 2 you have the option to specify future category of your account. Multi-store Skubana Store users will have access to different stores and their plans are different.

Please select that you are: New user, Existing user, Trial user or Multi store/Accountant/3rd party service user; Please input your instructions or elaborate how you plan to use your account.

Once completed, verify Captcha and Continue.


Final step is to select your plan. New and Existing users should proceed with their payment on this page. Select your Plan and re-type email address you have registered with your Skubana Store. Click pay Now and wait for PayPal to prompt secure payment page. You can use your PayPal account or any Debit/Credit card supported with PayPal.

Trial users should NOT proceed with payment unless you plan to use StoreReport after 7 days trial period.

Multi store/Accountant/3rd party service users please do NOT proceed with payment since you will be able to complete your payment through our Customer Support portal.


Use Customer Support portal to submit new ticket requesting support, make payment, change your plan and more.


Only registered users can submit a new ticket to Support. To submit ticket login to Customer Support portal with credentials we provider upon registration. All other requests for support will void.


StoreReport Guide is available to all, both visitors and users. Please try to find answers before submitting New Ticket.


Final words

You reached the end of this guide. Hope you found it useful? Tell us what you think? We can end the way we started. Security is tight in StoreReport. We keep only basic information in our user database and we make NO changes to your data.

Thank you.