ChangeLog February 4, 2020

ChangeLog February 4, 2020

New Features:

    • Line Item Total Discount - new field added in Orders.

      From Skubana: Skubana now displays discount information on a SKU-by-SKU or line item basis. When pulling order details, original unit value and discounts will appear in separate fields. Previously, discounts were shown on a complete order basis. This update allows users to apply item-specific discounts for more accurate COGs and revenue calculations.

      StoreReport added field called "itemDiscount" to present this data. This changed the "Sales Revenue" which was calculated [QTY*Unit Price] now if there is Item Discount it will be subtracted from line Sales Revenue [ QTY * Unit Price) - Item Discount]

    • "Discount" field changed name to the "Order Discount" so there is an obvious difference between "Item Discount" and "Order Discount".
      They are not the same thing. If you have any Item Discount it will not show as "Order Discount".