ChangeLog June 26, 2020

ChangeLog June 26, 2020

Major update

This update is all about application crashing with more than 10.000 rows. There is a time limit on how much some script can work. With 10k of rows that time limit will be reached. To fix the this issue scripts that are slowing application are found.

Grouped and flat data refresh

When grouping is done summing up all the rows is time consuming. When flat data is showing, everything will work very fast. When data changes view need to refresh. Refreshing flat data is fast and grouped data can be slow and crash the application. It is actually same data grid that is showing different views [flat/grouped] so it is all about refreshing the view. New algorithm will now keep track on what kind of data need refreshing [flat/group], also if group data parsing is done you can switch between Flat / Group view without new Group data refresh.  That way working with Flat data will be possible even for extremely large data sets of 30.000 rows, Group will still work.

Note: As group view with large data will take long time to populate prepare summaries and group logic in Flat view or without data. You don`t want to refresh that group view more than needed.

asynchronous group data view refresh

If the data is more than 7000 rows, Group view will switch to asynchronous parsing data. This is lot slower than before but it will assure application will not crash because of the script time out. It will never crash and data will be parsed even if it takes 10 minutes, application will not crash during this time. You will be presented with Information that large data parsing started. You will than on the end get Information that Data is ready.

StoreReport Alert for large data grouping

Load, Save and export data

This is also where application would crash. On Load data application would crash after data Load because the refresh was doing the Group refresh.  On Save and Export it would crash because of the amount of rows that where parsing into JSON or TSV.

load saved data

Load is now working only refresh on the Flat data, so it will not crash when you aggregate files into large data set.

asynchronous data Parsing and zip files

New algorithm for parsing data is asynchronous. You will be provided with information pop-up about current progress. On the end it will create files of 10K of rows and zip them into one. Save button will be enabled after files are parsed.

StoreReport export files Alert dialog

New Features:

    • Asynchronous group data view refresh - if data is larger than 7000 rows group view will switch to asynchronous parsing. Two information pop-ups swill show. One when grouping started one when grouping is done. You can cancel refresh in first pop-up.
    • Asynchronous Save and Export  - application will parse data without crashing and it will create ZIP file with 10.000 rows of data
    • New Number Format - Four decimals format without trailing zero. If number is 4.3210 application will show it without end 0, so it will show 4.321.