Save File - Save StoreReport file format

Load File - Load saved StoreReport file

Load aggregated data - Add new StoreReport data to already loaded data

Export data - Export data in CSV format for EXCEL or other software

Data Grid Layout - Save and Load your Data Grid layouts.

Export data

What you see is what you get exported. It is exporting the current Data Grid view. If you want flat data, switch to flat view before exporting. In tree view be sure to expand the nodes you want to see exported. The data exported will be the same you are viewing, so be sure you are seeing all you want to export.

Data Grid Layout

Save and Load your data grid layouts. It will save your structure of data grid, this allows presets to be saved for various export types.


Saving StoreReport big data file will take time. It will look like the computer freezes but it is working on huge amount of data. Wait until you see warning that 15 seconds passed and just click continue., file will be saved even with warning.