ChangeLog May 18, 2017

ChangeLog May 18, 2017


  • Fixed bug (Date UTC formatting) Problem was with formatting date using UTC time zone offset, and that will show as wrong format of FROM DATE, showing results like they are from day before requested day.
  • Added (Time formatting) Changed to display 00H-24H, making it easier for sorting. *Remember that StoreReport can sort multiple fields by clicking on little arrows in header. Click on header name will make it first to sort and it will display number 1 next to the arrow. Click any other small arrow will make it 2nd filed to sort and it will display number 2 next to the arrow.

For example: in data grid header click on “Date”. On “Time” header click the little arrow, not the “Time”. It will show a little number “2” next to arrow. That means that field is used for second sorting and so on.

New features:

  • Added (Summaries and Subgroup font color) For easier usage those fields are now colored. Summaries are RED while Sub-Group fields are BLUE.
  • Added (Skubana Logout) In Account window there is a button “Skubana Logout”. When you click on that button, Skubana logout page will pop up in new tab, you can close that page. StoreReport tab will go to Skubana Login page, where you login using credentials from other company.
  • Added (StoreReport allowed companies) You can manage now only companies that added to your list. If you have any issues please contact support.