ChangeLog March 7, 2018

ChangeLog March 7, 2018

New features:

Recently I’ve done some more work on StoreReport. Introduction of the new field called “orderType” changed the logic in the API. “orderType” now holds information about “FBA, STANDARD…” and that information was previously inside the order ID. So once the new field was introduced StoreReport didn’t parse FBA as FBA channel. That API change was done on 26th January.

  1. The issue with “orderType” is fixed, that field is added to the datagrid and online model. It is still adding the FBA part to the channel name. So “AMAZON” and “AMAZON FBA” will be as sales channel name.
  2. Added parsing labels into separate fields so it can be grouped by, if there is a label it will be parsed in the [label1,label2,label3,label4] groping than can be done on labels.
  3. Added new view “Listings”
  4. Added new fields to the orders:
  • “orderItemTotal” – it is same as StoreReport Sales Revenue [QTY*UnitPrice]  but now comes from Skubana
  • “lisitngSku” – listingSku of Order product
  • “listingName” – listing name of Order product
  1. Added new filter for date range. Select the date field, whatever date field [createdDate, orderDate…], and select range.

Bug fixes:

  1. Fixed bug for saving personal data grid layouts