ChangeLog April 4, 2018

ChangeLog April 4, 2018

New features:

  1. Added logic that will merge "orderType" [FBA,FBA_WORKFLOW,STANDARD] with sales Chanel if it is not STANDARD. That is making easier to see grouped data information by Sales Chanel. 
  2. Added missing field in Products for bundled items. Field is called "bundledProductQty".
  3. Added new tooltip description for datagrid. It is very important to learn the difference between "Order Item Value" and "Line Item Value". "Order Item Value" is value that is for whole order like Discount, or Shipping Cost. Those fields will get correct summary only if grouped or sub-grouped by "orderID". So they must have whole Order items grouped to get correct result. Rollover toll-tip will say if the math is dividing with "order items length". Those fields needs orderID to get correct data. Using group by Master SKU, will pull the individual sold items into grouping making those false numbers.

That is visible now with "Sales Revenue" and same field "orderItemsTotal" from Skubana. From Skubana it is "Order Value", in store report it is calculating correctly by "line items value" [unit price * qty]. When there is orderId group those values are the same, but if you drag Master Sku on first place, StoreReport will have accurate data, and field "#orderItemsTotal" will not.


Bug fixes:

  1. Fixed tooltip for Unit Price, made it Skubana line item.